Social Relationships Between Crucible Characters

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Social Relationships Between Crucible Characters
1 Rebecca Nurse
1.1 She is a devoted religious woman falsely accused of witchcraft. This causes Hale to realize the trials were not fair, and take Johns side.
2 Judge Hawthorn
2.1 Was in charge of the trials in Salem along with Danforth. He sent John to be hanged, which played a major role in Elizabeths life. He also believed he was guided by God.
3 Deputy Gov Danforth
3.1 Believed that no innocent people should fear the court, so the people that did were guilty. Also, he thought he was guided by God so he couldn't make a wrong decision (although he did which strongly effected Elizabeth
4 Reverend Parris
4.1 Very concerned about his reputation, starts the whole witchcraft scandle in Salem which leads to the demise of John, which effects Elizabeth greatly
5 Mary Warren
5.1 Gave Elizabeth the doll that Abigail stuck the needle in. Also the Proctors maid.
6 Abigail Williams
6.1 She is in love with John Proctor so she wants Elizabeth out of the picture.
7 Reverend John Hale
7.1 Cared about the proctors. Told Elizabeth to tell john to confess.
8 John Proctor
8.1 Wife of Elizabeth, has an affair with Abigail, which causes tensions in their marraiage.
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