Halosere- salt marsh succession

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SHELTER- start to form in sheltered areas e.g. behind a spit, sheltered river estuary
DEPOSITION- fine material starts to be deposited forming mudflats (aided by eelgrass growth slowing currents leading to further deposition of fine material)
PINOEERS- start to colonise in harsh environment of salt and periodic submergence by sea (known as halophytes- e.g. spartina and glasswort)
SPARTINA- 2 root systems- fine mat of surface roots bind mud, long, thick deep roots can secure up to 2m of deposited material (trap mud)
CLOSE VEGETATION OVER MUD- colonisation of marsh grass and sea lavender (form dense mat up to 15cm high)
SLOW TIDAL CURRENTS- furthered by vegetation growth
DEAD ORGANIC MATTER- also helps to build surface, growing 1-25mm a year
COMPLEX CREEK SYSTEM- mud levels rise and creeks develop, they channel tides which deepen as marsh grows
HOLLOWS- may form where sea water is trapped then evaporates leaving salt-pans with high salinity (preventing vegetation growth)
LAND RISES ABOVE SEA LEVEL- rushes and reeds established, eventually leading to tree growth e.g. ash then oak, rarely covered by sea
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