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(1st paragraph) "[Now I know that] Spring will come again, / Perhaps tomorrow: ..." Relates to 'But These Things Also': however, BTTA is more pessimistic, though both hold on to winter in some way ('March' by ambiguity of certainty, BTTA: "And Spring's here, Winter's not gone".
(2nd paragraph) the sun impresses "...a tenderness, ALMOST warmth, where the hail dripped, / As if the mighty sun wept tears of joy. / But 'twas TOO LATE for warmth. [caesura] ..." It is LIKE Spring but the world is NOT QUITE there; Winter and coldness hangs on. There is also a lot of uncertain language in this stanza: "almost", "but", "and yet", "and though" etc.
(3rd paragraph) "They had but an hour to sing. On boughs they sang, / on gate, on ground; ..." The birds take any opportunity they can to celebrate the arrival of Spring - however, this is a short, limited interval: it is not yet FULLY the truth.
(final section of 3rd paragraph, after "they could do no wrong" a lot of sibilance: "something" "sang" "stars" "silence [rhymed with "silence" again]" "stained" "saying" "Spring" "perhaps" (but not "tomorrow.") A whispering, a phonological representation of silence itself. Emptiness, coldness perhaps. Links with Aspens.
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