Independent and Dependent Variables

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The independent and dependent Variables of the 15 core studies (OCR).

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Loftus and Palmer - Speed Study IV - What critical word (Smashed, collided, bumped, hit and contacted) the participant had. DV - The speed in which the participant believed the cars were going when they crashed.
Loftus and Palmer - Broken Glass IV - Which condition the participant was in (Smashed, hit, control). DV - Whether one believed glass had been broken or not.
Baron-Cohen IV - Which group the participant was in; Autism/Autistic, Tourettes or normal. DV - The results of the eye test.
Savage-Rumbaugh IV - If they were pygmy chimps or normal chimps. DV - How many words each chimp learned for their vocabulary.
Samuel and Bryant IV - 1) Age of participant 2) Conservation task 3) Experimental conditions. DV - How many errors/mistakes were made in each group.
Bandura, Ross and Ross IV - 1) The gender of the participant. 2) Which model they had (Male, female or non-aggressive). DV - If they immitated the model and if so, the extent in which they immitated.
Freud There is no IV or DV.
Maguire et al. IV - If the participants were taxi drivers or non-taxi drivers. DV - The size of the prosterior and anterior hippocampus.
Dement and Kleitman IV - If the participant was woken up... 1) during REM or NREM sleep 2) after 5 or 15 minutes. 3) Eye movement of the participant. DV - 1) If they can recall a/the dream. 2) Estimating how long they were sleeping. 3) The contents of the participants dreams.
Sperry IV - Whether the participant had their corpus callosum severed of not. DV - Their performance in the visual test.
Milgram IV - There is not one. DV - How far the 'teacher' would go along with shocking the 'student'.
Reicher and Haslam IV's Day 3; Participants beliefs about the permeability of the group. Day 6; Participants beliefs about the legitimancy of group discussions. Day 7; Participants belief about the possibility of change in position.
Reicher and Haslam DV's 1) Social Variables/social identification. 2) Organisation variables/compliance with rules. 3) Clinic variables/self efficency, depression and stress hormones.
Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavin. IV - 1) If the victim was 'drunk' or had a cane. 2) If the victim was white or black. DV - Which victim was helped more. - The race, gender and location of the helper. - the time taken for a passenger to help after the model intervenes.
Rosenhan - Study 1 There is no IV. DV - 1) If the pseudo patient was admitted. 2)How the behaviour of the pseudo patiant was interperated. 3) Eye contact and willingness to talk to the pseudopatients.
Rosenhan - Study 2 There is no IV. DV - How many pseudopatients the psychiatrists, the staff and both believed there to be within the hospitals.
Thigpen and Cleckley IV - Whether the participant being studied was Eve White, Eve Black or Jane. DV - The ECG results. - The IQ results. - The Ink Blot test results. - The obervation results.
Griffiths IV - Whether the participant was a Regular Gambler or a Non-Regular Gambler. - If they thought aloud or not. DV - 1) Total number of irrational verbalisations. 2) Gambles per minute. 3) If the participant broke even or exceeded the £3. 4) The level of skill the RG or NRG believed they had.
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