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FETCH Distance a way has traveled.
SWASH A wave washing up a beach
BACKWASH when a wave travels back down a beach towards the sea.
ABRASION When the sand and rock in a wave grinds down a cliff
ATTRITION When rocks and pebbles are broken down due to waves causing them to smash into each other
DEPOSITION occurs when constructive waves enter an area of shallow water or a sheltered area and where there is longshore drift
TOMBOLO A stretch of beach material that connects an island to the mainland, formed by deposition
SOLUTION Acids contained in sea water will dissolve some types of rock such as chalk or limestone
WEATHERING Gradual breakdown of rocks due to weather effects
EROSION Rock and soil is broken away by wind, waves or water.
LONGSHORE DRIFT A tide or current that flows along the coast, taking material with it.
SPIT A stretch of beach at one end of the coastline caused by waves depositing materials
SUSTAINABLE Doing something in a way that minimises the damage done to the environment and avoids using up natural resources.
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