Links between Fearless and Stolen

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In Fearless, Mut-Dog is stolen from his home because his mother had a can of peas on her shelf past their use-by date Okay, this is reaching a little bit.
The characters in Stolen have a sentence at the start which sums up their story ("I'm finally gonna meet my mother" for Jimmy). The characters in Fearless have a shorter verbal gestus which they say throughout ("Ha!" for Carlotta). It is also a sentence which sums up their story.
The disadvantaged, and especially the parentless, are sexually abused- Ruby and later Jimmy were abused Likewise, Mut-dog is implied to have been sexually abused, but it shows no effect on him. "No men with their grabby paws all over me, sniff, sniff, sniffing."
Both plays break the fourth wall to address and confront the audience: Lotte's song at the beginning... well as Anne's monologue.
The actors break out of character and mock a character: The actors swarming and bossing around Ruby in Stolen are an example. Similarly, the people throw money at Gizmo.
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