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JC Geography; Earth & heating system


JC Geography; Earth & heating system
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Name 2 gases found in the atmosphere Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Nitrogen
What does the atmosphere do for us? Keeps oxygen in Keeps the Earth from getting too hot & too cold
What does latitude mean? Distance from the equator
Is the earth's heat evenly distributed? No. The equator receives more heat than areas to the north or south.
Atmospheric pressure This is the weight of the air on the earth's surface.
High pressure Cold air. Lots of pressure on the Earth's surface.
Explain what is happening in this diagram? Rays over equator are strongest Have least distance to travel They are concentrated Rays to north/south are weaker They have farther to travel They cover a large area
Low pressure. Warm air. Warm air rises. Less pressure on the surface.
Winds move from..... pressure areas to .... pressure areas. High pressure to low pressure.
Coriollis effect Spinning of earth impacts ts wind direction.
Doldrums Areas of low pressure at the equator
Trade winds So called as the blow towards the Equator.
Prevailing winds Winds that blow most often over an area.
Altitude Height above sea level
Aspect The direction a slope is facing
Which slope gets the most sunlight in Ireland? South facing
North Atlantic drift Warm current that flows towards Ireland
Name two cold currents Labrador Canaries
The sea heats ....... and cools ..... while the land heats ...... and cools ...... The sea heats slowly and cools slowly while the land heats quickly and cools quickly.
Name a hot climate type Hot desert climate
Give an example of a desert Sahara
List 3 kinds of climatic zone Hot Temperate Cold
Distance from the ocean
Name 2 characteristics of a hot desert climate Temperature & rainfall
What is the distribution of a hot desert? 15/30 degrees N/S of equator
List 4 factors that influence the characteristics of this climate Latitude Prevailing winds Ocean Currents Relief
How hot & how cold can it get here? 30 degrees at day & -6 at night
Explain the role of clouds in the desert Keeps heat in at night and keeps it out during the day
How much rainfall is experienced here? less than 100 mm
Name the mountain providing relief for the Sahara desert. The Atlas mountains
1. Anti trade winds 2. Doldrums 3.North West anti trades
Ocean Currents are caused by these 3 things; Prevailing winds Unequal heating of the Earth Coriolais effect
What is an air mass? a body of air with its own temperature, pressure, and humidity level.
Name the 4 air masses that impact Ireland 1. Polar Air Masses (North Wind) 2. Continental Air Masses (East Wind) 3. Tropical Air Masses (South Wind) 4. Maritime Air Masses (South Westerly Wind)
What is a front? Boundary between 2 air masses
Name two types of front Warm Cold Occluded
Name this weather symbol Cold front
Describe a Depression Low pressure (Aka clone or Low) Oval in shape Lowest pressure in the middle Wet, windy weather Common over Ireland Lots of cloud Air moves into centre in anti clockwise direction
Anticyclone High pressure (High) Cold air Oval in shape Larger than a Depression Pressure highest at center Air blows outwards from center Dry, settled weather
Name this symbol Warm front
Name this symbol Occluded front
Isobars Lines of equal pressure on a weather map Closer the lines the more windy it is Measured in Ha or in millibars Moves at intervals of 4
Cumulus clouds Medium height White or dark Can bring showers of rain
Cirrus clouds High altitude Brush strokes Dary, settled weather
Stratus clouds Low to ground Dark colour Long spell of ain
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