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Who was Watt Tyner? Leader of the Revolt
Who was John Ball? Influential Preist that helped lead the revolt
Where was the tax collector from who inappropriately checked Women to see if they could pay tax? Fobbing
Who was John of Gaunt? King's advisor
What happened at Brentwood court? Peasants refuse to pay tax and when the guards are ordered to arrest the at least 100 men they turn on the guards.
How old was the King, Richard II? 14
Who was Sudbury? The Arch Bishop of Canterbury
Who was in charge of collecting unpaid tax? Hales. He was appointed treasurer with the main task of collecting the Tax.
How many Tax payers in Essex in 1381? 30000 approx
How many Tax payers in Essex in 1377? 50000 aprox
How were the Poll taxes in 1377,1380,1381? 1377=4d 1380=4d 1381=12d
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