New Zealand earthquake

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When was the earthquake? 22nd February 2011
What magnitude was it? 6.3 magnitude
Primary effects? How many people died? -Spire of cathedral fell off -2,000 minor injuries -Electricity and phone lines cut -Homes destroyed -Ice broke biggest glacier -181 died
Secondary effects? -Glacier braking off meant it became a giant iceberg -No power or water -Series of aftershocks (magnitude 5) -2 cars and several buses crushed by falling buildings
Immediate responses? -Helicopters plucked survivors out of debris and dropped water to put out fires -Bystanders helped free trapped survivors -Search teams from all over the world helped, even the military -City centre was evacuated when aftershocks continued -Water re-established to 70% of households after 1 week -Special help fro AUSTRALIA- 75 bed hospital
Long term responses? -Thousands helped with the clean up -New building regulations -Homes and schools rebuilt
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