Action Research - Lewinian model

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Action Research (AR) Designed both to solve a problem and generate theoretical knowledge.
AR is concerned with... Both trust and social justice e.g. feminism, community psychology.
Action research is an interaction between (often Marginalised) Community groups <---> Researchers <---> Gorvernments or businesses
Community groups <---> Researcher interactions are ___ processes Bottom - up
Researchers <---> Governements and businesses interactions are ___ processes Top-down
Lewin's first actions research War based on the war efforts. He attempted to increase the use of offal by hosewives.
Lewinian model of AR Cyclical process of planning, action, and evaluation Continuous feedback of the research results to all parties involved Cooperation of all parties involved Applications of principals form social science to group life & decision making Taking into account the differences in value systems & power structures of all parties Using research to solve a problem and generate new knowledge
Personal Reflexivity Learning that methods must be appropriate to the action
How did lewin take into account the different value systems in place in his orignal research? During the bottom up process of AR he had to tailor his own agenda to the value system of the housewives and thier own agendas. i.e. they wanted to provide the best food to their families, so you had to make offal look like the best option.
AR model
Enlightenment Vs. Control If you start off with a lot of control, there is a limit to what you are capable of discovering. If you lack control at the end, there is a limit to the amount of order (generality) you can bring to your conclusions.
Interconnectedness the strength of weak ties is central to actioning research. Always look for others in other feild who are able to provide extra knowledge
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