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Flash cards on the case studies that must be learnt for geography

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Why does the UK have an ageing population? The population of the UK is ageing due to the fact people are living longer due to advances in medicine and standards of living. The birth rate of the UK has also fallen since the 1970's and before then there was a baby boom creating a pensioner boom now as they now reach retirement age.
State the strategies in place to deal with the ageing population in the UK? The strategies to deal with our ageing population are: Raise the retirement age. Encourage immigration of younger people from other nations. Encourage woman to have children. Encourage the taking out of private pensions.
State what is meant by transmigration? Transmigration is the movement of people from one part of a country to another.
Describe the transmigration policy in Indonesia. Transmigration in Indonesia involved moving numbers of people from the densely populated island of Java to less populated islands in the country such as Sumatra and Sulawesi. This was done to prevent overcrowding and the problems it brings such as strain on services.
Describe the positive impacts of Indonesia's Transmigration policy? People with low income where given money to move, helping them get started. Those same people where given land to farm off and earn a living. Less overcrowding in Java so services where not as stretched. Fewer people unemployed. Migrants received two hectares of land to move.
Describe the negative impacts of Indonesia's Transmigration policy? Poor quality soil and the remoteness of some communities made farming difficult and money wasn't made for people putting them in poverty. Unrest between natives and migrants lead to violent clashes. Deforestation occurred much faster to build new homes therefore ecosystems and habitats where destroyed and soil eroded at faster rates.
State the social problems associated with an ageing population? (Can be applied to UK) Socially, healthcare and social care systems are stretched with most elderly people being vulnerable to injury and diseases. People have to become carers often giving up work or having children (birth rate falls). Many elderly people have to work for longer to claim pensions putting more strain on them.
State the economic problems associated with an ageing population? (Can be applied to UK) With ageing populations tax rises are inevitable in order to pay for healthcare and pensions for the elderly, but this puts more strain on a smaller working population. The economy also grows much slower than a youthful population. Money is also cut form other services such as education and childcare.
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