Philosophy- Arguments for/against God's existence

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Arguments for God's existence (5) Holy books, prophets (witnesses), people involved in NDE's, stood the test of time & proof in number of believers.
Arguments against God's existence (4) No physical proof, conflicting claims theory, if god exists why is there evil & prophets could have had mental illnesses unknown about at the time.
Other name for the cosmological argument. 1st cause argument.
An analogy for the cosmological argument Dominos
What is the 1st cause argument? Argument that there is always an ultimate cause for everything
Flaw in the 1st cause argument? That God doesn't have a cause, so he is known sat the uncaused cause.
Who put forward the cosmological argument? St Thomas Aquinas (13th century Italian Monk)
What scientific theory does the 1st cause argument correspond with? The big bang theory, God caused the big bang theory.
Another name for the design argument. The Teleological Argument.
Explain the teleological argument: Universe is too ordered to be by chance, must have been designed, design needs a designer, designer is God, God exists.
Atheists argument for "universe is too ordered to be by chance" It's not by chance, it's evolution (Charles Darwin's theory)
What did Sir Isaac Newton say? That the human thumb is evidence of God. A thumb shows we were designed for a purpose and everyone's thumb print is unique.
What is the strong anthropic principal? There had to have been just the right amount of gravitational force at the right moment for the universe to be as it is. God designed it perfectly for us.
What is the weak anthropic principal? Everything had to be just the way it was at the right time for the universe to be as it is, but we can only question why we're here because we're here.
What did William Paley say? If you saw a watch you'd assume there's a watch maker. So why if you see a stone you don't assume there is a stone maker?
Atheists argument against the design argument: The world is not perfect, volcanos, earthquakes etc. Why does the designer have to be God?
Creation story: what happened day 1? There was light/darkness, day/night.
Creation story: what happened day 2? There was sky & water.
Creation story: what happened day 3? There was sea, earth & vegetation.
Creation story: what happened day 4? There was the sun, moon & stars, seasons, days & years.
Creation story: what happened day 5? There was sea creatures & birds.
Creation story: what happened day 6? There was animals, insects & humankind (with power)
Creation story: what happened day 7? Day of rest (sabbath).
What is morality? A sense of right and wrong that helps guide people's behaviour.
What is the argument from morality for the existence of God? People have an inbuilt sense of morality, this sense comes from a source outside of us, this source is God, God exists.
What is your conscience? The inner feeling of whether you're doing right or wrong. Some would argue your conscience is the voice of God.
Atheists view of morality? Isn't your sense of morality determined from your genes, upbringing & society? The feeling of wrongdoing depends on if society sees it as wrong, not God.
What is a miracle? (official definition) A seemingly impossible occurrence, usually good.
How does David Hume define a miracle? 'A violation of a law of nature', supernatural, event performed by God & coincidence.
How are miracles proof of God's existence? Are cause by something outside of nature, no natural explanation, must be supernatural, result of God's intervention, God exists.
Atheists argument against miracles proving God's existence? They are just coincidences that some people may interpret as miracles.
Theists' problem with miracles & God: If God causes miracles surely he is just picking and choosing which goes against their belief of him being all loving.
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