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Who does Julius Caesar divorce after the Bona Dea scandal? And why? Pompeia. He divorces Pompeia in order to marry a more politically powerful woman (and the Bona Dea scandal was an excuse for divorce)
When is the treaty of Brundisium? 40BC
When was the battle of Mutina? 43BC
What is Cicero convinced about Julius Caesar 'til the day he dies? That Julius Caesar was somehow involved in the Catiline Conspiracy, however, Cicero had no proof.
When does Julius Caesar become Pontifex? 63BC
When does Julius Caesar defeat Pompey in battle, in Pharlasus? 48BC
When does Octavian divorce Scribonia, and marry Livia instead? 38BC, after fighting Sextus Pompey
When was the battle of Phillipi? 42BC, two years after Julius Caesar's assassination
In what year in Julius Caesar deified? January 1st 42BC
Who is Octavian's mother and who is her lover? Atia, and her lover is Mark Antony
When does Octavian become Pontifex Maximus? 12BC
Who is Octavian's son, who eventually becomes Rome's first emperor? Tiberius
What is Octavian's obituary called? Res Gestae Divi Augustus (The Things I did by the god Augustus)
What year does Julius Caesar cross the Rubicon, and why is this an important event? In 49BC and because this indicates that Julius Caesar is intending to march on Rome. Generals had to disband their army before crossing this river as no army was allowed in Rome.
Which ex-consul is murdered in Mark Antony/Octavian's proscriptions? Cicero
What does 'emperor' mean and what is it derived from? Derived from 'imperator' meaning VICTOR
What does Octavian reference himself/call himself instead of emperor? Princeps
When is the renewal of the First Triumvirate and where? 55BC, in Lucca
In which year is Octavian born? 63BC
When do the Second Triumvirate form and who is in this group? 43BC. The alliance is between Octavian, Lepidus and Mark Antony
Why was the army reform so dangerous? Men became loyal to their generals and not the state. Nobody had anything to lose either, as previously you needed to be a land owner before you could join the army.
When is Lepidus sent into exile, and why? In 36BC, after he tries to take Sicily but fails
When is the Second Triumvirate renewed? 37BC
When does Octavian celebrate a triple triumvirate and what for? In 29BC. He celebrates: taking Alexandria, winning the battle of Actium and taking Illyria
How does Pompey die? He is beheaded by an Egyptian eunuch when seeking refuge in Egypt
Who put the members of the Catiline Conspiracy to death WITHOUT trial? Cicero
When is the Catiline Conspiracy? 64BC
What year does Augustus die? 4 AD
What are the donations of Alexandria and when? Mark Antony donated segments of the Roman Empire to his children and Caesarion and Cleopatra in 34BC
Who is given what when the land is split between the Second Triumvirate? Octavian gets Rome and the west. Mark Antony gets Egypt and the east. Lepidus gets Africa.
Why would Octavian celebrate three triumphs consecutively rather than spread them out? It would be like a three-day party for the plebs (a holiday for them). Octavian would also gain support from the plebians as Octavian was not as charismatic as the other men (eg Mark Antony)
How was the First Triumvirate different to the Second? The Second was legal, the First was just a loose alliance
Who were the Populares? A loose alliance of senators who thought the plebians should have a say (left-wing parties in modern time?)
Who were the Optimates? Senators who thought that the nobility should rule and that the plebians shouldn't have a say (maybe like right-wing partes, in modern day?)
How does Plutarch portray Crassus? Greedy but generous. His vice is 'avarice'. He bought homes that were considered war spoils (bad). He was also v. rich - he once gave every Roman man enough food on to live for three months. He's cunning and dutiful, also felt that it was important for his slaves to be educated.
When is the First Triumvirate formed? Who forms it? 60BC. Most sources tend to say it was Julius Caesar.
Who is born in 87BC? (Or 83BC to some sources)? Marcus Antonius
When is Cicero exiled by Clodius? 58BC
When does Sulla begin the proscriptions? 81BC
What was the Lex Gabinia and when? The senate voted to grant Pompey powers to get rid of the pirates in 67BC
Name some of the precedents Marius set. Army reform, consul 'in absentia', consul more than once, becoming a 'new man', almost imprisoning patronus, sought support from plebs NOT nobility
Who does Mark Antony marry after Fulvia? Octavia, Octavian's sister
What is the first thing that Octavian mentions in the Res Gestae? (The most important thing he's done) Giving Julius Caesar's veterans money that they were owed out of his own pocket (Mark Antony refused)
What law legalises the Second Triumvirate? Lex Titia
How does Antony die? Suicide
How and when does Crassus die? Crassus goes to Parthia to prove himself as a commander. After almost being decimated by the Surena, he and his men run to Carrhae. Crassus goes to meet the Surena and when getting on a horse, a fight breaks out and Crassus dies. His head is also beheaded.
When does Antony become a tribune? 50BC
On what terms will Julius Caesar allow Mark Antony to be elected as a senate? He has to be civil with Cicero
Who is co-consul with Pompey in 70BC? Crassus
During a campaign against the gaul, Vercingetorix, what weapon did Julius Caesar amend? The javelin. He changed it so that when the javelin hits its target, or the floor, it bent. This was so that it couldn't be thrown back and was harder to pull out of victims.
When did the Second Triumvirate expire? 33BC
Who was Mark Antony's first wife, and who was her brother? Fulvia, who was Clodius' sister
When was Julius Caesar born? 100BC
When was Julius Caesar assassinated? 44BC, on the Ides of March
When did Sulla first march on Rome? 88BC
When was Sulla's second march on Rome? 82BC
When does Mark Antony divorce Octavia? 32BC
Who is co-consul with Julius Caesar in 59BC, who is bullied? Bibulus
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