Biology- Inheritance and Genetic Diagrams

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How many copies of a gene are there and how many are expressed? There are 2 copies of each gene (one from each parent)- but only one is expressed.
What is homozygous? When you have two of the same kinds of alleles.
What is heterozygous? Having two different alleles.
What can alleles be? (two different types). Alleles are either dominant or recessive.
How many alleles must be present for a dominant allele to be expressed? Only one allele must be dominant for it to be expressed but it works with two dominant alleles as well.
Who many alleles must be recessive for it to be expressed? Both alleles must be recessive for it to be expressed.
What case of letter are dominant and recessive alleles represented by? Dominant alleles= Capital letters. Recessive alleles= lower case letters.
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