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What is the Birth Rate The Average number of Children born in a year, for every thousand people in the population
What is the Death Rate The average number of people who die in a year, out of every thousand people in the population
What is dense population A lot of people living in a small area
what is international migration when people move from one country to another
What is an economic migrant Someone who moves to another place for work, but who does not plan to live there permanently
What is miration the movement of people from one place to another to live and/or work
what are push factors Bad things about a place which mean that people aren't attracted to live there
what is the population density the number of people living in a certain area, usually expressed as persons per square kilometer
what is population distribution the way people are spread out across an area
what is the population explosion the very rapid growth of population that took place in the 20th century, especially in the last half of the century
what is growth rate the rate that population increases by when births and deaths have been taken into account
what are pull factors good things about a place that attract people to live there
what is rural to urban migration a movement of people from the countryside to towns and cities
what is a seasonal migrant someone who migrates to an area for a set length of time for work, often farm work like fruit picking or helping with the harvest
what is a dispersed settlement an area with very few people living there
what is a temporary migrant someone who migrates to an area but knows they will not stay
what is the demographic transition model (DTM) a model showing how the population in a country changes over time as birth and death rates fall
what is stage 1 in the DTM total population is low but there are high birth rates and high death rates
What is stage 2 in the DTM Total population rises due to death rate falling but birth rate is still high
What is stage 3 in the DTM Total population is rising rapidly as death rate is low but birth rate is decreasing
What is stage 4 in the DTM High total population but birth rate and death rate are low
What is stage 5 in the DTM Falling total population since there is an ageing population but birth rate and death rate are still low
what is the dependency ratio the amount of people who rely on the economically active people (people with jobs) to pay for their needs. The dependency ratio is usually the young or elderly
what are the bordering countries of kenya Tanzania,Uganda,Sudan,Ethiopia,SOMALI REPUBLIC,
what are the two lakes/oceans bordering kenya Indian ocean and Lake victoria
Where do the Maasai live the Nile Valley in the Southwest of Kenya and in the Maasai mara reserve
Where do the Kikuyu live The south and west of kenya
Where do the Arabs and Indians live on the coast near Mombasa
what percentage of Kenya's population live in slums 60%
what are Maasai houses called Manyattas
What kind of life do the Maasai live in A Nomadic life ( they move from place to place)
What is the Big 5 Hippos,lions,elephants,rhinos and cheetahs
do maasai move uphill or downhill in dry season uphill
Why don't Maasai traditionally not grow crops because they beleive land is sacred
What does Irrigation mean The artificial watering of the land
What are subsidies money paid to farmers by the government
What are Farm woodland schemes money given to farmers to plant trees instead of crops
What is Agribusinnes Agriculture conducted on strictly commercial principles
What are Mega diaries buildings that store lots of cows. Staying indoors for the whole of a cows life effects its behaviour and emotions
How are some farmers boosting their income by providing leisure activities Giving donkey rides, converting the farm into a park, making their farm a camping site, giving tours around the farm, selling fresh farm food and giving people opportunities to pick fruits from trees
what is organic farming A method of farming that uses less chemicals, less water, less energy and causes less eco-system disruption
what is a leguminous crop is a crop that puts nitrogen from the air into the soil
Name all the types of farming Pastoral,Subsistence,Arable,Organic,Nomadic and Free Range
what is nomadic farming when a farmer moves from one place to another
what is pastoral farming A farmer who grows livestock instead of crops
what is arable farming when you grow crops
what is subsistence farming when a farmer grows crops and animals to feed their family
what is free range farming A method of farming when animals get to go outside and get fresh air. Uses less chemicals, machines and resources so economically cheaper and better for the environment
what are the 3 main industries Primary,Secondary and Tertiary
what is a primary industry an industry that harvests natural resources e.g farming, mining, fishing. It needs to be near its resources
what is a secondary industry an industry that takes the natural resources and manufactures them into goods e.g. food companies, car companies.
what is a tertiary industry an industry that provides services e.g hospitals, police stations. They need certain qualifications.
what is a Quaternary industry an industry that involves the intellectual services: research, development, and information. They can be built anywhere and would still have the right resources to run the industry e.g amazon