Density Unit 2.4

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1.What is density? 149083 Orig (image/png) A measure of the mass per unit volume of a substance.
2. What does density measure? Density measures how much matter is packed into a space. Gd 0003 (image/jpeg)
3. Which is more denser stones or feathers? 70569 (image/jpeg) Stones are more denser than feathers because they have more mass.
4. Which is more denser between liquids and solids of the same material and why? Solids are more dense because they have closely packed particles. Condensed%20matter 5 (image/gif)
5. What does density depend on? 279804 59c8531f0bce22bcada619a151c884e2 (image/png) Density depends on the amount of volume.
6. What happens to the density of solids and liquids when they're heated? The substance takes up more space and so it's density increases. Screenshot 3 200x200 (image/jpeg)
7. What happens to gases when they are heated? 103416 004 Edd8271 C (image/jpeg) When a gas is heated, its particles spread out even further, lowering its density even more.
8. Why does smoke rise? Smoke rises because the air is hot and it carries soot and burnt material with it. 1 (image/jpeg)
9. Why does a hot air balloon rise? C700x420 (image/jpeg) The overall density of the hot air balloon is less than the density of the air around it, allowing it to rise into the sky.
10. What is mass? Mass measures how much matter is in a substance and is sometimes its weight. Scales (image/jpeg)
11. What is density measured in? Measuring%20the%20density%20of%20air%201 210 (image/jpeg) Density is measured in grams per centimeter cubed : 1 g/cm 3
12. What units are used to measure mass? Grams (g), kilograms(kg) and tonnes (t) Mb03 Mathe15 Station 20 (image/jpeg)
13. What does mass depend on? Kilogram 147629 960 720 (image/png) Mass depends on the amount of of space a substance takes up.
14. What is volume? Volume is the amount of space that a substance takes up Goconqr 2.4 (image/jpeg)
15. What is mass measured in? Mass is measured using a beam balance, electronic balance or scales.
16. What is volume measured in ? It is measured in milliliters(ml) and liters (L)
17. What happens when a substance is placed in water? If it is very dense it will sink to the bottom and if it's not very dense it'll float.
18. How does water act above 4 degrees Celsius? It starts to expand because it's heated.
19. How does ice act below 0 degrees Celsius? It starts to contract because it has been cooled.
20. How does water act between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius? It begins to expand when it gets heated and starts to contract when it is cooled.
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