states of matter s

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3 states of matter with its description

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states of matter s
  1. solid
    1. its particles are close toghether
      1. its particles does not move
        1. examples
          1. paper
            1. shoe
            1. definite shape
              1. definite volume
            2. liquid
              1. examples
                1. water
                  1. lemonade
                  1. indefinite shape
                    1. definite volume
                    2. its particles are toghether but no so close
                      1. some of its particles move fast and some other slow
                      2. gas
                        1. its particles move fast in all directions
                            1. indefinite shape
                              1. indefinite volume
                              2. examples
                                1. hydrogen
                                  1. helium
                                2. its particles are separated
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