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Key Terms: Situation Ethics


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Legalism The idea that morality is about following fixed laws eg. The Ten Commandments
Antinomianism There are no fixed rules. Be spontaneous and do whatever you want eg. 1960s hippies
Joseph Fletcher (1905-1991) American Anglican theologian, who was the founder of Situation Ethics
Situation Ethics Joseph Fletcher's 1966 claim that Christians should always act on the basis of love.
Nominalistic There are no universal situations, every situation is different and unique
The two great commandments As defined by Jesus: love God and love your neighbour. Love= agape
Agape The Greek term for brotherly love, charity. The unconditional love that acts for the benefit of others.
Conscience According to Fletcher, the act of working out what is the most loving thing to do
Six Propositions Love is intrinsically 'good' Love is the only guiding moral principle Love is always 'just' Love is not the same as 'liking' Love is the goal of all moral actions Love decides in each unique situation
Four working principles Pragmatism Relativism Positivism Personalism
Bishop John A T Robinson British Bishop who supported Situation Ethics and described it as the 'New Morality'
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) 1797 essay "On the supposed right to tell lies from benevolent motives'
Lying If it is the most loving thing to do then it is 'good' and not just a 'necessary evil'
Relativism Each decision only relates to the circumstances of that particular situation
Subjective Each decision is dependent upon the particular point of view of the person making the decision
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