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What was the first military action that Australia was involved in? Australian Navy and military Expeditionary Force drove the German military out in New Guinea and the Bismark Archipelago.
What was the second engagement that Australia was involved in? A naval engagement that resulted in HMAS Sydney attacking and disarming a German ship, the SMS Enden.
When did Australian troops arrive and leave Gallipoli They arrived in April 1915 and departed on 20 December 1915
Where were the 2 main battle areas that Australian troops were involved in after Gallipoli? They were divided to fight against the Turks in Palestine and the Germans in France
Why did Australian troops fight to defend the Suez Canal against the Ottoman Turks and what did they do after conquering the Sinai? The Suez Canal was an essential waterway linking Europe to the Indian Ocean. After Conquering the Sinai, they were able to fight through the Turks and push their way through palestine.
Explain the Battle of Beersheeba and what happened after Australian troops captured the city The Australian Light horse charged the Turkish guns, which had them to move to Jerusalem and took the city.
Describe the types of Battles that Australian troops fought in between 1916 and 1917 They bombarded them at first, followed by waves of infantry which were sent across no-mans land.
Describe the Battle of Somme and when it occurred and explain the outcome It occurred in the middle of 1916, and there were hundreds of thousands of casualties on each side. It lasted from July to November and was considered a stalemate.
What was the Black day for the Germany It was the day when the Germans were defeated in the war.
What was trench warfare? Fighting in the trenches.
Why was World War 1 often referred to as the first modern war? This is because the style of warfare changed from hand-to-hand combat to technologically advanced weaponry.
What were the changes to weaponry fueled by? By the industrial revolution
Where were battles fought and what type of weapons were used? They were fought in the trenches and guns and technologically advanced weapons were used.
How many casualties occurred in World War 1? Approx. 8 million men died and millions more were permanently injured.
Whst are the three main lines of the trenches? front line support line reserve line
What was the communication trenches? These were trenches built to allow navigation between the three main lines of trenches.
What usually happened when a major offensive was launched? The trenches became an incredibly confusing place and became virtually impossible to navigate thus providing the men with little to no protection.
What was the purpose of barbed wire being put down? It was intended to provide the men in the trenches with an additional line of defence. It was common for men to get entangled in it and dying there.
What were some of the diseases that the men suffered in the trenches? Dysentery Trench Foot Shell shock
What is shell shock? It was trauma caused by the constant noise of shelling and falling bombs.
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