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Uncertainty The interval within which the true value can be expected to be found with a given level of confidence or probability, e.g. "the temperature is 20 degrees C and 2 degrees C at a level of confidence of 95%
Validity Suitability of the investigative procedure to answer the question being asked. For example, an investigation to find out if the rate of a chemical reaction depended upon the concentration of one of the reactants was not controlled.
Valid Conclusion A conclusion supported by valid data, obtained from an appropriate experimental design and based on sound reasoning.
Variables These are physical, chemical or biological quantities.
Categoric Categoric variables have values that are labels. E.g. names of plants or types of material.
Continuous Continuous variables can have values that can be given a number either by counting or by measurement (e.g. light intensity, woodlice etc).
Reliable A reliable measurement is one that stays the same after several repeats.
Repeatable A measurement is repeatable if the original experimenter repeats the investigation using the same method and equipment and obtains the same results.
Reproducible A measurement is reproducible if the investigation is repeated by another person, or by using different equipment or techniques, and the same results are obtained
Resolution This is the smallest change in the quantity being measured that can be detected by the measuring instrument.
Sketch Graph A line graph that shows the general pattern between two variables without plotting the points.
True Value This is the value that would be measured in an ideal measurement.
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