Mathematics Overview

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Leaving Certificate Mathematics Mind Map on Mathematics Overview, created by PatrickNoonan on 03/12/2013.

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Created by PatrickNoonan about 6 years ago
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Mathematics Overview
1 Basic Mathematical Topics
1.1 Basic Alegbra
1.2 Systems of Equations
1.3 Solving Equations
1.4 Solving Linear Inequalities
1.5 Functions
1.5.1 Function Graphing
1.6 Sets and Boolean Logic
2 Advanced Alegbra
2.1 Quadratic Functions
2.2 Polynomials
2.2.1 Factorization of Polynomials
2.3 Linear Algebra and Matrices
3 Advanced Functions
3.1 Trigonometry
3.2 Exponential and Logarithm
3.3 Complex numbers
4 Statistics
5 Probability
6 Sets
6.1 Series and Sequences
6.2 Permutation and Combination
7 Geometry
7.1 Vectors
7.2 Theorems

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