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Terms and commands used in Networking
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Console Console – This is a physical management port that provides out-of-band access to a Cisco device. Out-of-band access refers to access via a dedicated management channel that is used for device maintenance purposes only.
Secure Shell (SSH) Secure Shell (SSH) – SSH is a method for remotely establishing a secure CLI connection through a virtual interface, over a network. Unlike a console connection, SSH connections require active networking services on the device including an active interface configured with an address.
hyper terminal is a program that you can use to connect to other computers, Telnet sites, bulletin board systems (BBSs), online services, and host computers. HyperTerminal connections are made using a modem, a null modem cable or an Ethernet connection
CLI A CLI (command line interface) is a user interface to a computer's operating system or an application in which the user responds to a visual prompt by typing in a command on a specified line, receives a response back from the system, and then enters another command, and so forth.
VTY lines VTY ports are virtual TTY ports, used to Telnet or SSH into the router over the network. You can use them to connect to the router to make configuration changes or check the status. Most routers have five VTY ports, numbered 0 to 4.
What is the command that will encode passwords in global exec mode? enable secret
"configure terminal" - is a CLI command. What does it do? Takes you to global configuration mode
CLI command: line console 0 What is it for? To set the password. Next lines: password yourpassword login exit
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