How Plants Grow

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Flower Contains reproductive organs
Stem Holds plant upright; Carries water and minerals to the leaves and food around the plant
Leaves Carry out photosynthesis
Root Absorb water and minerals essential for photosynthesis
Photosynthesis A process which takes place in the plants of all green plants to produce food.
Chemical equation of photosynthesis Carbon dioxide + water → Glucose + oxygen (in presence of sunlight and chlorophyll)
Energy transfer of photosynthesis Light energy → Chemical energy
Glucose is stored as.... starch, which is stored in all parts of plant
Transpiration (how water enter and leave plants) stomata (leaves) ↑ xylem (stem) ↑ root hair cells (root)
Use of glucose Respiration (to produce energy), make cell wall, seeds and protein
(1)cuticle (2)upper epidermis (3)palisade mesophyll (4)spongy mesophyll (5)lower epidermis (6)stomata (7)guard cells (8)xylem (9)phloem (10)vascular bundle
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