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Explain Tradition from a conservative point of view The desire to conserve. Respect for established customs and institutions that have endured through time. Tradition reflects the accumulated tradition of the past and institutions and practices that have been tested by time, these should be preserved for the benefit of the living and generations yet to come. Giving individuals a sense of social and historical belongings.
Explain pragmatism from a conservative perspective. Actions should be shaped by practical circumstances and practical goals, that is, by what works
Explain pragmatism from a conservative perspective. Actions should be shaped by practical circumstances and practical goals, that is, by what works
Explain how conservatives describe human imperfection Human beings are limited, dependent and security seeking, drawn to the familiar and tried and tested and needing to live in a stable and orderly community. Individuals are morally corrupt, they are tainted by selfishness, greed and a thirst for power
Explain how conservative describe organicism View society as an organic whole or living entity. Society is thus structured by natural necessity
Describe how conservative explain heirarchy gradations and social status is natural and inevitable in an organic society. A persons station in life is determined by luck
Why do Conservatives have a suspicion for authority? Wary of the accumulation of state power as no diluted power can grasp complex social relations
How would David Humes political theory fit in with the conservative ideology 1.Human understanding must be drawn from experience. 2. Simple impressions must be connected together or associated. 3. Cause and events based on experience and habit.
What was Edmund Burk's views on Conservatism? 1. Rejection of abstractions (when a subject is general and not based on situations. 2. Habits, taste and prejudice, the wisdom of other people including previous generations is a resource that must be respected if we are to avoid social consequence.
Explain why Conservatives oppose rationalism ... Rationalism may be unstable, it may not be tried and tested and it offers progression which may oppose conservative tradition
Why does experience matter for Conservatives? They believe that if something has been tried and tested, why should you change something that works? Conservatives will adopt a cautious trail and error approach to change but only gradually. What they fear is radical experiments as human beings cannot adequately cannot fully predict the full consequences of their actions.
What are the conservative's views on Human Nature? Human beings have limited capabilities, no individual mind can understand the complexity of social relations, there is no super mind that is capable of doing so.
What is the conservative argument against the socialism Socialist planning pre proposes a mind capable of making complex economic decisions. It requires a concentration of power in the hands of the state.
What is Oakeshotts view on rationalism? A Rationalist stands for independence of mind on all occasions, for thought free from obligation to any authority save the authority of reason (1962)
What are Oakeshott's two theories of knowledge? Technical = rules that are deliberately learned i.e riding a bike. Practical = acquired only in use, it is not reflective and cannot be formulated as rules.
Why do Conservative reject visionary politics? They do not recognise the pluralism of every day life - the fact that individuals have conflicting needs, desires and values. A vision implies a common project for society which overrides pluralism.
When did the conservative ideology emerge and why? Late 18th century and early 19th century. As a reaction of the economic and political change which was symbolised by the French revolution.
Why to Conservatives have such a respect for institutions? Because institutions evolve rather than being created. Provide a focus for allegiance.
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