British Interests in Foreign Policy

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A2 History Mind Map on British Interests in terms of Foreign Policy in the 1920's-30's

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British Interests in Foreign Policy
1 Peace
1.1 The losses from the first world war made politicians and the public recoil from the idea of another war.
1.2 There was an awareness that Britain was vulnerable to air attack.
1.3 Britain appeared to have everything to lose and nothing to gain from war.
2 Defence of the UK
2.1 They wanted to increase the security of Britain.
2.2 They wanted to protect essential trade routes.
2.3 They wanted to make sure they were ready to co-operate in the defence of British allies.
3 Balance of Power
3.1 Balance of power was the best insurance against the renewal of war.
3.2 Many people felt that WW1 was caused by a rigid alliance system.
3.3 Most British governments opposed binding the country to France or any other nation.
4.1 Remaining on good terms with the USA was a key British aim before 1939.
4.2 Remaining on good terms with them was even more important after 1939.
5 Defence of the Empire
5.1 The 10 Year Rule was made in 1919 to justify spending as little as possible on defence of the Empire. It declared that the British Empire was not to be involved in any major conflict in the next 10 years.
5.2 The 10 Year Rule was ended in 1932.
5.3 The threat of Hitler in the 1930's caused Britain to rearm.
5.4 There was no serious threat to world peace in the 1920's so the 10 Year Rule made sense.
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