Basic Nutrition

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Terms from Chapter 1 - Introduction to nutrition

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Nonessential nutrients Are present in food and used by the body but they do not have to be part of our diets.
Essential nutrients The body cannot manufacture or produce these in sufficient amounts. They are "required in the diet".
Nutrients Chemical substances in food that the body uses for a variety of functions that support growth, tissue maintenance and repair, and ongoing health.
Daily Values Scientifically agreed upon standards for daily intake of nutrients from the diet.
Amino acids The building blocks of protein that contain nitrogen.
Essential Fatty Acids Components of fat that are a required part of the diet.
Saturated Fats Fats in which adjacent carbons in the fatty acid component are linked by single bonds only. (example: -C-C-C-C-C- )
Unsaturated Fats Fats in which adjacent carbons in one or more fatty acids are linked by one or more double bonds (example: -C-C=C-C=C- )
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