Design and Production in Software Engineering


Ninguno Ingenieria del Software Mind Map on Design and Production in Software Engineering, created by Erick Marroquin Vasconez on 10/01/2017.
Erick Marroquin Vasconez
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Erick Marroquin Vasconez
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Erick Marroquin Vasconez
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Resource summary

Design and Production in Software Engineering
  1. Naur
    1. Profiles of software designers and producers
      1. No Distinction
        1. Production
          1. Design
            1. Properly Belong
              1. Performance of the software system
                1. Include Decisions
      2. Dijkstra
        1. If you have your production group
          1. it must produce something
            1. thing produced has to be
              1. Correct
                1. Good
            2. ability to convince
              1. users
                1. yourself
                  1. Product is good
                    1. Is intertwined
                      1. Design process
                2. Kinslow
                  1. Design Process is iterative
                    1. Flowchart
                      1. Understand the problem
                      2. Write code
                        1. Realize that you don´t
                        2. Go Back
                          1. do the flowchart
                          2. Write
                            1. Some more code
                              1. Feel is the correct solution
                        3. Ross
                          1. Most deadly in software
                            1. Is the concept
                              1. specify what you are going to do
                                1. Then do it
                            2. Specifications
                              1. based upon designers ignorance
                                1. Before they started the job
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