Present Simple and Present Continuous


Present Simple for general activities and the Present Continuous for progressive activities.
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Present Simple and Present Continuous
  1. To talk about habits and routines
    1. Examples
      1. She usually works at home. They always walk to school. I never eat meat.
        1. Clues to identify Present Simple
          1. The use of words such as:
            1. Often, always, never, usually, seldom, every weekend/day/Sunday etc
              1. I always go to school. I clean my room every Sunday.
    2. To talk about something that is happening at the moment, now
      1. Examples
        1. I am paying attention to the teacher. I am talking to my classmate.
          1. Clues to identify Present Continuous
            1. The use of words such as:
              1. at the moment, now, right now, today, etc.
                1. I am studying English now.
      2. Grammar Structure:
        1. Simple Present: The most important thing to remember about this tense is
          1. I, You, We, They
            1. Work
            2. But for 3rd person singular, we say
              1. He, She, It
                1. Works
              2. The verb BE
                1. I
                  1. He, She, It
                    1. They, We, You
                      1. ARE
                      2. IS
                      3. AM
                      4. Simple Present Negative
                        1. For all verbs (except be), use:
                          1. Doesn't
                            1. don't
                              1. Simple form or VERB
                                1. Example: Sam takes classes at night
                                  1. Sam doesn't take classes at night.
                                  2. I have a lot of free time.
                                    1. I don't have a lot of free time
                      5. Grammar Structure:
                        1. Don’t forget that VERB BE is part of this structure.
                          1. I AM
                            1. You, We, They ARE
                              1. He, She, It Is
                                1. + verb ING
                                  1. Examples:
                                    1. They are celebrating their 40th annicersary today.
                                      1. I am cleaning my house this week.
                                  2. Present Continuous (negative)
                                    1. For this tense, simply ADD the word NOT after the verb BE.
                                      1. They are working today. They are NOT working today.
                                        1. She is taking a Math class. She is NOT taking a Math class.
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