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  1. E-procurement provides an opportunity for substantial
    1. Savings Facilitate purchases
      1. Reduce costs and integrate the supply chain Improves the competitiveness of the organization
        1. Provides data transfer
          1. Reduce large amount of paperwork
            1. Transfer of funds
              1. Provides for the use of advanced shipping notice
              2. Online catalogs
                1. Online catalogs are often available on each employee's desktop computer.
                  1. They allow cost comparisons.
                    1. Purchases individually and at low cost.
                      1. They allow you to buy practically everything
                        1. Auctions Online auction sites.
                        2. Track inventory in real time.
                          1. It can provide a tracking of economic inventory in The floor of the store, in the warehouses and in logistics.
                            1. Tracking of packages by Internet systems. Compatible with barcodes.
                            2. Strategic procurement in acquisitions.
                              1. Cost reductions.
                                1. Strategic sourcing is used to consider the total cost of a product or Action, not just the price alone.
                                  1. Examine purchase cost, transportation, support, maintenance and disposal.
                                  2. RFQ
                                    1. Purchase online
                                      1. Provides shopping staff with a Extensive database of suppliers, delivery and quality.
                                        1. Send the entire electronic encryption package economically to Sellers in a matter of hours.
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