Heavy Metal


Mind Map on Heavy Metal, created by Rogério Lima on 09/28/2014.
Rogério Lima
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Rogério Lima
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Heavy Metal
  1. Power Metal
    1. Melodic Power Metal
        1. Extreme Power Metal
        2. Progressive Metal
          1. Symphonic Metal
            1. Gothic Metal
              1. Doom Metal
                1. Funeral Doom Metal
              2. Neoclassical Metal
                1. Symphonic Power Metal
                2. Death Metal
                  1. Melodic Death Metal
                    1. Symphonic Death Metal
                      1. Technical Death Metal
                        1. Brutal Death Metal
                          1. Deathcore
                          2. Black Metal
                            1. Melodic Black Metal
                              1. Symphonic Black Metal
                              2. Thrash Metal
                                1. Speed Metal
                                  1. Folk Metal
                                    1. Viking Metal
                                      1. Avant Garde Metal
                                        1. Southern Metal
                                          1. Sludge Metal
                                            1. Metalcore
                                              1. Grindcore
                                                1. Goregrind
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