Leonardo Da Vinci Painting (La Gioconda) Who was Mona Lisa? It was known as Mona, or Monna, which means Lady, Lisa del Giocondo.
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    1. Syllabus
      1. study program
      2. Companion
        1. partner
        2. Snapshop
          1. photo
          2. Cheer leader
            1. animator
            2. Cross road
              1. cross away
              2. So It seems
                1. apparently
                2. Pedigree
                  1. family tree
                  2. Recede
                    1. a step back
                    2. Snob
                      1. powerful person
                      2. Tacky
                        1. sticky
                        2. Quiet time
                          1. set aside
                          2. Public statement
                            1. announcement
                            2. Teasing
                              1. mockery
                              2. Poise
                                1. equilibrium
                                2. Nudge
                                  1. push
                                  2. Steady on
                                    1. calm down
                                    2. Fiancé
                                      1. engaged
                                      2. Pompous ass
                                        1. smug
                                        2. Fake
                                          1. false
                                          2. Right people
                                            1. high society
                                          3. 2nd VOCABULARY
                                            1. Slots
                                              1. places
                                              2. Gussied up
                                                1. trick up
                                                2. Outburst
                                                  1. blast
                                                  2. Unkind
                                                    1. unfriendly
                                                    2. Fancy
                                                      1. fibber
                                                      2. Subversive
                                                        1. destabilizing
                                                        2. Spur of
                                                          1. stimulate
                                                          2. Under oath
                                                            1. vow
                                                            2. Butting
                                                              1. header
                                                              2. A ton
                                                                1. heavy
                                                                2. Split up
                                                                  1. break up
                                                                  2. Blab
                                                                    1. betray
                                                                    2. Stake
                                                                      1. risk
                                                                      2. Cozy
                                                                        1. nice
                                                                        2. Looker
                                                                          1. watcher
                                                                          2. Aimless
                                                                            1. unfocused
                                                                            2. Okey dokey
                                                                              1. that's good
                                                                              2. Toss
                                                                                1. pitch away
                                                                                2. Upset
                                                                                  1. setback
                                                                                  2. Awful
                                                                                    1. horrible
                                                                                  3. EVENTS
                                                                                    1. Betty calls Miss Watson subversive and rude for not letting her pass to school lack, citing as excuse her recent marriage
                                                                                      1. Miss Watson expressed her dissatisfaction with the absurd comments of Betty, and shows them, all her students how wrong she is through images that reflect the poor future of many women.
                                                                                        1. Miss Watson enters the classroom to give her first art history class, and all students it make her feel bad when memorize the entire booklet and talk about each of the paintings.
                                                                                          1. During some girl talk, Giselle shows to all other contraceptive she uses and Cony excited for it, but Betty makes an offensive comment that makes her feel bad.
                                                                                            1. Miss Watson asks Joan that utilize her own thoughts to answer the tests, to rate her something other than quotations from other authors, then she urges her to continue her studies.
                                                                                            2. CHARACTERS
                                                                                              1. Katherine Watson, Betty Warren, Joan Brandwyn, Bill Dunbar, Nancy Abbey, Giselle Levy, Amanda Armstrong, Paul Moore, Tommy Donegal
                                                                                              2. INTRODUCTION
                                                                                                1. This film is about a teacher who is proposed herself the goal of changing closed minds of society through the students of Wellesley.
                                                                                                2. CONCLUSION
                                                                                                  1. This film teaches us that the role of a teacher is so valuable that if it develops with courage can make the difference in each student, friend and anyone who successfully gets Its thinking.
                                                                                                  2. Leonardo Da Vinci Painting (La Gioconda) Who was Mona Lisa? It was known as Mona, or Monna, which means Lady, Lisa del Giocondo.

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