Gerunds and Infinitives


The infinitive is formed with the preposition "to" (to walk,to eat,etc.).
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Gerunds and Infinitives
  1. Infinitives
    1. The infinitive is formed with the preposition "to" (to walk, to eat,etc.).
      1. *I want to buy myself a television with better definition. *He devised a clever plan to not have to go to school. *She would like to have to go park. *He be going to work in the construction. *I be sure to study for math. *He dare me ti climb the tallest tree in the city. *We learn to play soccer in the park. *A car needs gas to start.
    2. Gerunds
      1. The gerund is formed with "ing" (walking, eating,etc.).
        1. *I've been considering all options,and l've get involved. *I avoid her ever since we had that argument. *Are you suggesting that this is my fault ?*He is practicing a dance for school. * She is starting an exhibition at her school. *She is keeping things in the house. *We are enjoying the food on the beach. *They are finishing the tasks.
      2. The gerund and the infinitive are forms of the verbs that act as names.
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