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Mapa Mental en THE HYDROSPHERE, creado por Belen Arechavala Puertas en 12/03/2019.
Belen  Arechavala Puertas
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Belen  Arechavala Puertas
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  1. It is water that exists wax from the surface of the Earth in the form of ice, liquid water and water vapor
      1. Liquid
        1. Solid
          1. Gas
          2. WATER AND LIFE


            • ·Water is the support of life ·Water intervenes in vital functions ·Water regulates the temperature
            1. WATER USES
              1. Consumptive uses
                1. They are those that extract water from their place of origin and do not return it immediately
                2. Non-consumptive uses
                  1. Are those that use the water without extracting it, or if they do, they return it immediately
                3. ORIGIN OF HYDROSPHERE
                  1. Volcanoes
                    1. Water vapor
                      1. Water dissolved the salts of the rocks
                  2. THE WATER CYCLE
                    1. Condensation
                      1. Evaporation
                        1. Runoff
                          1. Precipitation
                            1. Infiltration
                            2. WATER POLLUTION


                              • - Solid waste - Dissolved substances - Living things - Heat
                              1. THE WATER IS FORM BY:
                                1. Two atoms of hydrogen
                                  1. One atom of oxygen
                                    1. WATER DISTRIBUTION IN THE EARTH
                                      1. WATER CHARACTERISTICS IN THE CONTINENTS
                                        1. Rivers and torrents
                                          1. Lakes and lagoons
                                            1. Underground water
                                              1. Glaciers
                                              2. WATER CHARACTERISTICS OF SEA AND OCEANS
                                                1. Oceanic currents
                                                  1. Tides
                                                    1. Waves
                                                  2. PROPERTIES
                                                    1. High surface tension
                                                      1. High heat capacity
                                                        1. Good solvent
                                                          1. Anonymous volume variation
                                                            1. High melting and boiling points
                                                          2. THE WATER POTABILIZATION


                                                            • -Extraction -Coagulation -Decantation -Filtration -Disinfection -Distribution
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