Structures and mechanisms


A structure is a set of elements of an object that allow it to maintain the shape and without deforming when forces act on it there are two types of structures.
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Structures and mechanisms
  1. Structures
    1. A structure is a set of elements of an object that allow it to maintains its shape and size without defaming when forces act on it.
      1. Types of structures
        1. Naturals:they are structures made by nature,for example the queleto of the animals, etc... Arti-fical:structures which are all manmate,for example a house, etc...
      2. Elements of a structure
        1. .Beam or catiliver .Column .Brace .Square
        2. It is very important that the structures are stable and stability
        3. Mechanisms
          1. A machanisms is an element that serves to facilitate human work.A machine is made up of several mechanisms.
            1. .The wedge:is a simple machine that is used to separarte bodies. .Inclinated plane: allows you to raise or lower objects with less efforts. .The screw: allows man to lift loads continuously with little effort. .The lathe: consists of a cylinder that rotates by means of a crank. .The pulley: is a grooved wheel through which we pass a rope.
            2. Motion transmission mechanisms
              1. The machanisms of transmission of movement are elements that transmit the movement without transforming.We found 3 types:The friction wheels,The gears or sprockets and the pulley-belt assembly.
                1. Multiplication and reduction of speed
                  1. Depending on the size of the wheels or gears we will have mechanisms that multiply, maintain constant or reduce speed.
            3. Loads and efforts
              1. As we have commented the structures are subject to external forces that we will call charges.There is 2 types:
                1. .Stactic load:Are those that act permanently on a structure.
                  1. .Dynamic loads: these are those that do not act in a constant way on the structures.There is 5 types:traction,compression,bendinng,torsion and shearing or cutting.
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