The lantern (a Ramadan story)


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The lantern (a Ramadan story)
  1. Young Prince
    1. Run Away into the Jungle
      1. He's Mom died
        1. Have a pet Pigeon
          1. Found a ghouls grand palace
            1. Ghouls arrested the prince
              1. Ghouls send pigeon to Prince home
            2. Son of Caliph
              1. safe by your father
                1. Caliph
                  1. Cried when his son run away
                    1. Caliph received the pidgeon
                      1. Follow the pidgeon
                      2. Save your son
                        1. Comemorate the begginig Ramadan month
                        2. Princess
                          1. Caliph's sister
                            1. Suggested everyone have a candle
                            2. Save your Brother
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