Past Simple of Verb To Be


This Mind Map summarizes the formation of verb to be in the past simple. Structure, examples and use.
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Past Simple of Verb To Be
  1. Use
    1. Actions or events that started and finished in the past
      1. Examples
        1. She was sick last week
          1. You weren't nice to me yesterday
            1. They were in London last summer
        2. Affirmative Sentences
          1. was
            1. were
              1. Examples
                1. I was in France last year
                  1. You were a quiet child
                  2. Form
                    1. Subject + was/were
                  3. Negative Sentences
                    1. was not
                      1. wasn't
                      2. were not
                        1. weren't
                        2. Form
                          1. Subject + wasn't/weren't
                          2. Examples
                            1. I wasn't home yesterday
                              1. You weren't quiet as a child
                            2. Interrogative sentences
                              1. Wh- Questions
                                1. What
                                  1. Where
                                    1. When
                                      1. Who
                                        1. Example
                                          1. What was the name of the book you recommended last week?
                                          2. Form
                                            1. Wh question word + was/were
                                            2. How
                                              1. Why
                                            3. Yes/No Questions
                                              1. Examples
                                                1. Were you in class yesterday?
                                                2. Form
                                                  1. was/were + Subject
                                              2. Time expressions
                                                1. Yesterday
                                                  1. The day before yesterday
                                                    1. In 2006, in May...
                                                      1. When I was...
                                                        1. Last night/year/month/week/Sunday
                                                          1. A week/ few days/month/year ago
                                                            1. That day/night/week/month, etc.
                                                  2. Position in the sentence
                                                    1. Generally, end of sentence. Sometimes beginning of sentence for emphasis
                                                  3. I was
                                                    1. You were
                                                      1. He/She/it was
                                                        1. You were
                                                          1. We were
                                                            1. They were
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