Journey- Patricia Grace


By Luis Villamil, Jorge Naveda and Diego Ortega.
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Journey- Patricia Grace
  1. Themes.
    1. Characters.
      1. George
        1. He is the man that tries tho convice the old Maori to give out his lands, he is a "white", and he seems to be on the head of the modernization
        2. Old Maori
          1. He is the protagonist of this shot story and he is 71 years old, he goes to the city to fix something about his land., because some whites are planning to build some schools, hospitals, houses and roads.
            1. He is one of those kind of people which dont like rude words, just like everyone else, but the difference is that he really gets anoyed
              1. With this, we get to know that he is a really polite man, that has class.
                1. Maybe this is one way in which Grace protecs or shows that not all indigenous people that lack of manners.
              2. He is the uncle of the taxi driver.
                1. He doesnt stave, he has enough food to eat, therefore he isnt poor
                  1. He is planing to het some equally divide lands for his brother and siter
                    1. He only looks for the wealth of his relatives
                  2. Driver of the taxi
                    1. THe drriver is a secondary character; he is the one that takes the old Maori to the city. He drives a smelly taxi, which is dirty and old.
                      1. He provides to his wife and his sons, he dont produce many money, so he is thinkinng to send his sons to work very soon
                    2. Setting/Social context.
                      1. This story takes place in New Zealand. It also takes place in an era where there were conflicts between Maoris and and civilians; "whites" and indigenous .
                        1. In that age, indigenous where normally over abused by "whites" because they believed that the were more powerfull because of their colour of skin. This story potrays one example of this: some pakehas try and achieve to bereft an old Maori froms his lands, to build some school and medical services' buildings
                        2. Personal Interpretation.
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