XaaS, Everything as a Service


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XaaS, Everything as a Service
  1. The digital transformation
    1. Redefinition of business models leveraging technology
      1. Create a value chain
        1. Delivers innovative products and services
          1. Improve the user experience
            1. Can be achieved more quickly
    2. Cloud Computing: The Challenges
      1. The reality
        1. Organization may not develop and stabilize the skills and competencies
          1. Required to “do it all”,
        2. Most consolidated organizations
          1. Complex processes for approving investment projects
          2. Digital company
            1. Must seek its competitive advantage
              1. Products that respond in an innovate or disruptive way
          3. Cloud computing: the brand-new capabilities
            1. Challenge the status quo
              1. Technology
                1. Business
                2. Cloud model
                  1. Ability to create
                    1. An experimentation/improvement cycle at a lower cost
                  2. XaaS
                    1. Allow us to access better commercial resources
                  3. IT Operations
                    1. They will know how to focus on their activities
                      1. Same objective of maintaining
                        1. High productive capacity
                          1. Change and Operations Management Areas
                            1. Must adapt their practices to this model
                              1. Speed of change achieved is much greater
                      2. The adoption process must be rational
                        1. Implementing technology
                          1. Very low entry cost
                            1. After expanding service to massive costumers
                              1. Operational Risls
                                1. Financial unpayable costs
                          2. The new value of IT will now be given
                            1. Ability to select
                              1. Assemble and operate technology provided
                            2. The technology upgrade rate is increased
                              1. Cloud computing models
                                1. We don't have to deal with
                                  1. Entire financial justification process of technology upgrade projects
                                    1. New speed will also require automating
                                      1. Most possible processes related to configuration management
                                        1. While changes create risks, ease of access to resources
                            3. Legal , Compliance and Auditing
                              1. Safeguards
                                1. Information protection mechanisms
                                  1. Prevent the attempt to gain access illegally
                                    1. From within the CSP
                                      1. From external attacks
                                    2. Physical location of the data
                                      1. Independence of the environments where they are stored
                                        1. In case compliance regulations restrict their location
                                          1. Or at least have knowledge of it
                                        2. Possibility of auditing CSP
                                          1. Controls and proceesses
                                            1. Including by independent autors
                                            2. Exposure of confidential data
                                              1. Thrid parties
                                              2. Local or international regulation
                                                1. Contracting company
                                                  1. Must be included in the contracting terms
                                                  2. Availability of access to historical information
                                                    1. Clients
                                                      1. Transactions
                                                        1. Access
                                                      2. 3 basic cloud computing service models
                                                        1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
                                                          1. It allows
                                                            1. Use a application
                                                              1. Which runs in a cloud computing environment
                                                          2. Plattform as a Service (PaaS)
                                                            1. Allow its users
                                                              1. Deploy applications
                                                            2. Infraestructure as a Service (IaaS)
                                                              1. Allow its users
                                                                1. Firewalls
                                                                  1. Networks
                                                                    1. Storage
                                                                      1. Load balancers
                                                                        1. Processing
                                                                    2. Models of deployment
                                                                      1. Private cloud
                                                                        1. Community cloud
                                                                          1. Public cloud
                                                                            1. Hybrid cloud
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