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  1. Process: perform Integrated Changue control
    1. Process Group: Monitoring & controlling
      1. Knowledge área: Integration Management
        1. Control Changues PM:


          • Work to obtain comphetnesive requeriente a ssoon as posible 
          • Spend enoughj time on risk management
          • Establish time & cost reserves
          • have a process  in place to control changes
          • Follow the process to control changes
          • have a process & templares in place for creating a changue request
          • have clear roles and responsabilities for approving changes
          • reevaluate the business case
          • considering terminare a project that has exessive changes
          • only added chnegued to be added to base line
          1. Changes affect :


            • project managenmet plan, baselines, propicies & procedures ,  charter, contract, statement of work, 
            1. SI
              1. MUST go to change Contol Board
                1. CCB


                  • Result`s of board`s decisión are  documentes in the project`s change lob.
              2. NO
              3. Process of making changes
                1. 1.Evaluate the impact
                  1. 2. identify options
                    1. 3. Get the change request approved internally
                      1. 4. Get customer buy-in
                      2. Detalied process for making changes
                        1. 1. Prevent the roof cause of changes
                          1. 2. identify change
                            1. 3. Look the impact of the change within the knowledge área
                              1. 4. Créate a change request
                                1. 5. Perform a change control
                                  1. a) Asses the change
                                    1. b) Look for options
                                      1. c) The change is approved or rejected
                                        1. d) Update the status on the change lob
                                          1. e) Adjust the project management plan , project documenta, and baseline as neceesary
                                          2. 6. Manage Stakeholder`s expetcatin by communcating the change to stakeholders affected by the change
                                            1. 7. manage the project revised the project management plan and project documenta
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