How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT?


How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT?
Diana Lozano
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How to improve writing skills through the use of ICT?
      1. REFERS TO
        1. The acquisition of knowledge through mobile deviceS.
          1. USING
            1. The Functional-Systemic Approach
              1. THE STUDENTS LEARN
                1. Language function ideational
                  1. Language function interpersonal
                    1. Language function textual
                  2. Genre Pedagogical Approach (GPA)
                    1. LANGUAGE IS
                      1. a dynamic and open system
                        1. IS USED TO
                          1. model, deconstruct and understand the language
              2. OPTIONS
                1. PODCASTS
                    1. The students to practice their skills outside the classroom.
                  2. Mobile-based English learning tool
                    1. IT IS DESIGNED TO
                      1. Assist Korean EFL learners in improving their writing skills.
                        1. MODES LEARNING
                          1. grammar review
                            1. THE STUDENT LEARNING WITH
                              1. Brief explanation, examples and exercises
                            2. writing practice
                              1. THE PROGRAM DETECTS ERRORS
                                1. Morphology, syntax and content
                  3. MICROBLOGS
                    1. THEY ARE RELATED TO
                      1. Educational websites
                        1. FOR EXAMPLE
                          1. Edmodo: website educational that development skills of writing
                        2. Social media site
                        3. CONSIST OF
                          1. Short and concise works of writing
                          2. SERVES TO
                            1. Develop and enhance inside writing
                              1. IT INVOLVES
                                1. Writing
                                  1. Researching to support opinions
                                    1. Foster a personal connection to the content
                              2. DIGITAL GAMING LITERACIES
                                1. STUDENTS
                                  1. Acquire commitment
                                    1. THE GAMES
                                      1. motivate the student to complete tasks that improve his writing
                                    2. solve problems
                                      1. AS WELL AS IN
                                        1. The games in the scripture must make decisions
                                      2. collaborate with peers
                                        1. IT IMPLIES
                                          1. the creation of networks
                                            1. communication with others
                                              1. being necessary to write
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