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  1. 1. The current vocabulary of social media
    1. APP
      1. Piece of software designed for mobile devices.
        1. BLOG
          1. It is short for Weblog and it is a place where you find articles or extended writing about a certain topic.
            1. CLOUD
              1. It is when you don’t use a physical device to save things such as documents files.
                1. STREAMING MEDIA
                  1. It is content that is given to the user live and as it happens.
                    1. TRENDING
                      1. It means that it is extremely popular in that current moment.
                        1. VIRAL
                          1. It is what everyone seems to be looking to do on social media
                            1. ebook
                              1. An ebook is an electronic book that can be read on a screen or on a mobile device.
                                1. Vlog
                                  1. It is short for video weblog or video blog
                    2. How does social media affect the English vocabulary?
                      1. New words
                        1. Selfie
                          1. Status
                            1. Twerk
                              1. Hashtag
                              2. New meaning to old words
                                1. A shorter language
                              3. 2. Social media in education
                                1. Empowering effect
                                  1. It empowers everyone ( teachers, students, parents
                                    1. An effective way to share information
                                      1. YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms.
                                      2. implementation in School
                                        1. It is used for sharing information and organize tasks.
                                          1. Lack of attention of students
                                            1. Establish the length for using social media in school.
                                            2. HOW CAN TEACHERS MAKE THEIR PLACE IN THIS REALM?
                                              1. Adaptation
                                                1. Letting student share their opinions
                                                  1. Using changed technology
                                                  2. STRENGTHEN YOUR COMMUNITY
                                                    1. Using online platforms
                                                      1. Integrating social media
                                                        1. Communication is vital
                                                        2. A way to communicate with students
                                                          1. Social networks can be useful, but it is a less formal way for teachers that help the teacher-student relationship
                                                        3. 4. WORD PROCESSORS IN THE CLASSROOM
                                                          1. Teachers can prepare, create, store and share materials for their classes
                                                            1. Creating materials for teachers
                                                              1. Inserting images and links
                                                                1. Creating forms
                                                                  1. Forms for making collections of basic exercises
                                                                  2. Using Track Changes
                                                                    1. is a tool in Microsoft Word which allows you to show any markups, changes or comments made to a document.
                                                                    2. Using Marking
                                                                      1. This is another Windows program that aids the correction of word-processed work from learners
                                                                      2. Creating writing
                                                                        1. Model texts, share texts, produce them collaboratively and engage in peer and teacher editing on more interactive level
                                                                      3. 4. Creation of Teaching Material by Using Word Processors
                                                                        1. Teaching materials
                                                                          1. Good teaching materials will help to reinforce the students’ initial perspective to learn.
                                                                            1. Flashcards, videos, games, visual aids ( posters).
                                                                            2. Word processor
                                                                              1. it is a type of software application used for composing, editing, formatting and printing documents.
                                                                                1. It offers great promise as a teaching tool and a productivity tool for busy educators
                                                                              2. Creating didactic material
                                                                                1. Inserting images and links
                                                                                  1. Worksheets
                                                                                    1. links to websites
                                                                                      1. Git Mind
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