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    1. Prehistory extends from the emergence of our first ancestrors, about fve million years ago, to de invention of writting, about 5milion years ago.Consequently , they whwere NO WRITTING TEXTS DURING THIS PERIOD.
      1. Prehistory is the longest period in human history
        1. Paleolithic: started with the appearance of our first ancestrors(11000years ago).Human beings lived form hunting and gathering
          1. Neolithic: started 11000 years ago,human being started to live in villages and They practised agricultura and raised cattle.
            1. Metal ages: began 7000 years ago , human beings learned to use metalls and to make objetos with it.
        2. what were early human beings like?
          1. australophitecus: appeared about 5 million years ago they were very similar to chimpanzees but they normally walked on 2 feet
            1. homo habilis: Appeared 2 million years ago .Their brain was bigger, their name"habilis" means skillful.They made stone tools and lived from hunting and gathering
              1. homo herectus: appeared one and a half million years ago. They walked up right, it was the fist specie to live outside africa , they lived in Europe and Asia , they discovered fire.
                1. netherland man:.
                  1. the fist european: the first human remains in europe were found in Atapuerca, ,Spain. THey are 800000 years old and their name is homo antecessor
                    1. netherlan was adifferent species who lived in europe 150000 years ago. They were stronger than us but they were shorter. They were the first species tu bury their dead. It seams they were able to speak.
                      1. homo sapiens:Appeareed in Africa about 130000 years ago .They were similar to Netherlands but taller . They enjoyed gater intellectual develoment. They were able to make finer tools. They developed a more complex language, they learned to cooperate , they also created art.
              2. what is atapuerca???
                1. This Archelogical site is near burgos in the north of Spain. IT wa found accidentally in the 19 century when a trench of mining train was being built.
                  1. Thanks to this site , we know that there was a European being called homo antecessor who lived about 800000 years ago
                    1. Excalibur was also found in atapuerca , it is an extraorddinaly biface (tool) made of stone . , it was found whit 33 human skeletons so perphaps is a funeral offering.
                      1. in june 2007 , a 1.2 millions years old tooth was found . This discovery could mean that the first European was not a Homo antecessor but an older relative.
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