4 Technologies from Black Mirror: Nosedive


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4 Technologies from Black Mirror: Nosedive
  1. Technological eye implants
    1. Problems that solves/Advantages
      1. Better knowledge about people
        1. Fast facial recognition
          1. Fast way to connect with people
          2. Setbacks/ Disadvantages
            1. Addiction
              1. Loss of privacy
                1. Loss of benefits
                2. Connected with smartphones and a social media
                  1. Scan the face of people
                    1. You can rate people from 1 to 5 stars
                      1. You can see the average stars of people
                3. Holograms
                  1. Problems that solves / Advantages
                    1. Great way to simulate the behavior of humans or other stuffs
                      1. It does not require any projection screen
                        1. Can be easily combined with other technologies
                        2. Setbacks / disadvantages
                          1. It is not easily seen in the presence of fluorescent lighting
                            1. Design of products are costly
                              1. Holographic data storage suffers from noise and sensitivity issues
                              2. Create three-dimensional images
                                1. It does not require special glasses to view
                              3. Virtual reality
                                1. Problems that solves / Advantages
                                  1. Create Scenarios That Otherwise Are Impossible To Create
                                    1. Enhanced User Experience
                                      1. Better training in education
                                      2. Setbacks / disadvantages
                                        1. Laziness
                                          1. Sedentarism
                                            1. Disengagement with real world
                                            2. Stereoscopic head-mounted display
                                              1. Head motion tracking sensors
                                                1. Use of Virtual reality headset
                                                2. Smart Cars
                                                  1. Problems that solves / Advantages
                                                    1. Environmental care
                                                      1. Faster
                                                        1. Prevent accidents
                                                        2. Setbacks / disadvantages
                                                          1. It can't be charged anywhere
                                                            1. High cost
                                                              1. They need a charging time
                                                              2. They work with electricity
                                                                1. Use of touch screen
                                                                  1. Smart audio system
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