Fundation of Electronics 3.0


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Fundation of Electronics 3.0
  1. Prior to 1900s several electric divices were in use including the electric motor thr electric lamp the telegraph and the telephone
    1. Understanding this nature led to elctronics a branch of the study of electricity that deals with the behavior and motion of electrons in a vacuum or in special material
      1. Vacuum Tubes- usually electricity requires a conductor such as a wire to travel from one place to another. In the 1850s however scientist discovereed that the elctricity can travel through a vacuum.
        1. THE Crookes tube- Around 1878 the english physicist willim crookesdesigned a special type of vacuum tbe to stufy cathode rays
          1. The Vacuum- Tube DIODE-While experimenting with a prototype incandescent lamp in 1875 Thomas Edison ran into a small problem
            1. Semiconductors- The most promising aveneu of research centered on solid materials
              1. Using Semiconductors - Scientist in the 1930s discovered that when an n-type semiconductor electrons can easily cross the boundary
                1. Integrated Circuits-Although semiconductos diodes and transintors require much less space and powerthan the vacuum tubes they replaced
                  1. Electronic Computers-although elecctronic devices such as televisions,radio,microwaves,ovens and radar are prevalent in society one of the farthestreaching
                    1. Information in Computers-Although computers can be incredibly complex tey are all based on very simple electrical circuits
    2. White Dove School Nombre -Roberto Josue Gallo Teacher- Terese Guevara Asignature-Science Grade-9 grade Date- 4-11-2019
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