Social Contract


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Social Contract
  1. 1.3. The right of the strongest
    1. obedience into duty
      1. The stongest is never strong enough to be always the master unless he transforms
        1. "Force is the phisical tower; I don't see what moral effect it can have".
          1. Giving way to forcé is something you have to do, not something you choose to do; or if you that choicce comes into it, this at most an act of prudence
          2. Stregth into right
          3. Book 1.1. The subject of the first book
            1. Families are the first natural societies.
              1. Man is born free.
                1. The social order doesn't come from nature
                  1. It's based on agreements
                  2. 1.4. Slavery
                    1. If someone sell themselves, it's just them not their children
                      1. No man is born being "move" tan any other.
                        1. Slaves don't give themselves, they sell
                          1. This Price doesn't include enough to survive
                          2. They may be comfortable, but that doesn't mean agood life.
                          3. 1.2. The first societies
                            1. Only Natural Socity is family
                              1. Family is similar to political socities.
                                1. Father=ruler
                                  1. children= people
                                  2. Avistotle said "Every man born in slavery is born for slovery".
                                    1. "force mode the 1st slaves and cowardic made them stay slaves"
                                  3. 1.5. We must always go back to a first agreement
                                    1. 1.7. The soveign
                                      1. 1.6. The Social compact
                                        1. 1.8 The civil state
                                          1. 1.9. Real State
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