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      1. SORCERER
        1. DWARF
          1. FOOLISH
            1. EVIL
            2. CHARACTERS
              1. DAUGHTER
                  1. DETERMINATED
                    1. EMOTIONAL
                      1. STRONG
                      2. BABY
                        1. POWERFUL
                          1. GREEDY
                            1. SELFISH
                            2. KING
                              1. FATHER
                                  1. STUPID
                                    1. POOR
                                1. ENVIROMENT
                                  1. FOREST
                                    1. MOUNTAINS
                                      1. FIELD
                                        1. CASTLE
                                        2. PLOTS
                                          1. She, driven to despair and thinking of not fulfilling it, he agrees. She marries the prince and remains a pregnant woman. Then the goblin appears to claim his. Nevertheless it gives him a last option and is that it guesses his name. When last day of the term comes, an envoy for the princess to the forest listens to the goblin his name declares, and one tells it to her. Finally she can preserve his son and the goblin gets angry so much that stamps on the land that splits in two, swallowing it.
                                            1. 3
                                            2. It is a question of a miller that it was lying brings over of the skills and gifts of his daughter, one day said that it could do of straw, gold. The king on having listened to it enclosed it in a jail full of straw with a distaff, and of not achieving it on the following morning it would kill her. She was weeping for his misfortune when there appears this mysterious goblin that offers him to convert the straw to gold providing that she pays him.
                                              1. 1
                                              2. She gives him a jewel that had. The king on having seen the gold is dazzled since it was very ambitious and turns it to enclosing with more straw. The same thing happens again, and to the third night, she did not have any more with what to pay him, enonces the goblin his first son asks him.
                                                1. 2
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