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    1. the constant spill of pretroleum in hydric sources
      1. garbage burning affects the ozone layer
        1. Toxic wastes thrown into rivers causes poisoning
          1. the search for pretroleus by fracking
          2. SOLUTIONS
            1. to prevent so much pollution, it is essential that large factories create safety measures to curb the pollution generated.
              1. it is necessary to give a very punctual training to the biggest industries so that they realize the damage that is generated by the absence of knowledge or love for the planet
                1. don't cut down the trees as they give us oxygen and many more things
                  1. to bear in mind that there must not be hunted the animals who are in extinction danger
                  2. PHRASAL VERBS
                    1. Reduce the amount of stuff you use and throw away.
                      1. if you don't want die out try to be a better person and don't destroy the planet
                        1. The more we use up, the less we have left
                          1. we cannot continue to run up so many bad things that affect our ecosystem
                            1. All the trees have been cut down.
                            2. OTHERS WORDS
                              1. all of us must bear in mind that the planet earth is you
                                1. we must achieve that he big companys believe concern for enviroment
                                  1. if we achieved develop plans for the pollution we can live longer in the planet
                                    1. if we don't take care of the ozone layer, oxygen could use up
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