Teaching Models and Materials


The way we teach and how we apply this in our classroom.
Teacher Robert Jaime
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Teacher Robert Jaime
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Teaching Models and Materials
  1. This is how we teach and with what materials do we support our class
    1. Materials: board, colors, papers, flashcards, dictionaries, books, textbooks, notebooks, tracks, videos, internet, comics, posters, etc. everything your creativity many think of
    2. Translation
      1. One of the most controversial
        1. Students translate words to their native language.
          1. Materials: notebook, pencil, dictionary.
          2. Direct
            1. No translation
              1. Only english, connectiong meanings with the words
                1. Teacher/Student interaction. teacher centered
                  1. Materials: Demonstrations, flashcards, images, videos, notebook, pencil
                  2. Natural
                    1. Focuses on the natural way we learn a language, without grammar rules.
                      1. Learn by experience
                        1. Absorb the language by experience and contact with the language.
                          1. Teacher is the guide
                            1. Materials: cases, videos, flashcards, audios, tales.
                            2. Listen and repeat.
                              1. Used in the 2nd. WW
                                1. Listen to phrases and repeat them with the correct pronunciation.
                                  1. Know the meaning of the phrases
                                    1. Materials: Audios, notebook. Teacher guided
                                    2. Bilingual
                                      1. Dual language to teach all topics
                                        1. Sometimes can rephrase in the native language of the student.
                                          1. Materials: book, flashcards, dictionary in English, audios, videos, probably the most complete.
                                          2. English only
                                            1. ESL, native speakers or bicultural schools
                                              1. Academic Teaching. Student centered.
                                                1. All materials. audio, internet, written, to read, visuals.
                                                2. Bilingual with transition
                                                  1. Taking students from their language to the new one.
                                                    1. All materials used.
                                                      1. Used for students living in a foreign country
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