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  1. Is a set of sentences related to each other and talking about the same topic.
    1. Different Parts of a Paragraph:
      1. Topic Sentence
        1. Is a sentence that tells the reader what your paragraph is about.
          1. Can be written at the beginning, in the middle or at the end
            1. Topic Sentence= Topic + Controlling Idea
              1. Example:
                1. My roommate Akiko is a very organized person.
                  1. Topic: My roommate Akiko
                    1. Controlling Idea: a very organized person
            2. Is the most important sentence in a paragraph.
            3. Controlling Idea
              1. Idea tells what specific aspect of this topic you are going to writeabout.
                1. It tells the reader: This paragraph will discuss these things and only these things, about this topic .


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                  1. REMEBER
              2. Supporting Details
                1. Give explanation, evidence, reason or examples of the topic sentence.
                  1. Example:
                    1. Topic sentence: My roommate Akiko is a very organized person.
                      1. Supporting details talk about how she is organized.
                2. Concluding Sentence
                  1. NOT introduce anything new.
                    1. It either summarizes what you already talked about or paraphrases the Topic Sentence.
              3. Types
                1. Narrative
                  1. Tell a story or an experience.
                  2. Descriptive
                    1. Try answering the questions: why, who, where, what, when, where.
                      1. If applicable, you should also describe how you, as the writer
                      2. Process
                        1. Gives your reader a step by step of how to do things
                        2. Classification
                          1. You need to put items into different groups or categories where they belong based on a criteria or rule.
                          2. Definition
                            1. You explain something: an unfamiliar term, concept, or a cultural event, etc.
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