acid base reactions


acid base reactions
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acid base reactions
  1. when there are free ions in a solution...
    1. they conduct electricity
    2. valence electrons
      1. electrons in the outer shell of an atom
        1. those eletrons ae involved in bondings
          1. the electrons move around and cause the formation of the ions
            1. electrons move between atoms
      2. redox reaction
        1. electrons transferred from reducing agent to oxidizing agent
          1. transfering electrons
        2. sharing electrons
          1. acid base reactions
            1. the base solution share electrons with the acid
              1. often involves proton tranfer
          2. when an acid and a base react they produce a salt
            1. acid + base = salt + water
              1. this is a neutralization raction
                1. the result is salt water
              2. Arrhenius Theory
                1. the acids produces hydrogen in a water disolution
                  1. the bases produces hydroxides in water disolutions
                  2. Bronsted Lowry Theory
                    1. an acid is a proton donor
                      1. a base is a proton acceptor
                        1. doesnt need water, only a proton beeing accepted or doned
                        2. lewis theory
                          1. acid is an electron pair acceptor
                            1. a base is a electron pair donor
                            2. there are 3 different theories to clasify the acids and bases
                              1. but the lewis deffinition is the most accepted
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